Moment armed cops in full PPE pull Covid-infected 'public health enemy number 1' from his lair after two weeks on the run - and as his mask fogs up from COUGHING he declares: 'I have proof I've been isolating the whole time'

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Footage has captured the moment armed police carrying shields and battering rams arrested a Covid-infected man who allegedly refused to isolate while on the run from authorities for nearly two weeks. 

Anthony Karam, 27, was arrested by Bankstown police just before 5.30pm on Thursday at an apartment in Wentworth Point in Sydney's west.

The accused 'public health enemy number one' was previously known to police and tested positive for the disease on August 14, cops say, but allegedly refused to self-isolate at home.  

CCTV footage of Karam released by police had showed him coughing while in an apartment block lift. 

On Thursday evening, police were seen arriving to arrest the 27-year-old at the apartment building, before he was led out outside wearing a gown, mask and face visor to cheers from the public.

Covid-positive Anthony Karam (pictured) was arrested by NSW Police after they say he reneged on a deal to turn himself in after he allegedly refused to self-isolate 

Video showed the 27-year-old being led outside to cheers from the public wearing a gown, mask and face visor

When faced with cameras on the pavement outside, Karam insisted he had done nothing wrong.

'I've have proof I've been isolating the whole time - so you do what you like,' he told 7News. 

He has since been charged with 13 offences including being in public and not preventing the spread of a Category 2-5 condition, not complying with Covid-19 orders and two counts of failing to comply with a self-isolation direction.  

Karam was also charged with nine counts of not wearing a fitted face covering in the indoor area of a common property. 


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He allegedly refused to answer calls from health officials who then brought in police but when they tried to visit his home, they allegedly discovered the address he gave was fake. 

On August 23 police issued a public warning about him after they could not make contact in which officers dubbed him 'public health enemy No. 1'. 

Karam is accused of going on the run while infected, potentially spreading the disease to thousands across the state. 

Anthony Karam, 27, seen here in CCTV footage from a lift in an apartment block, has been branded Sydney's 'public health enemy number one'

Anthony Karam, 27, pictured, was previously known to police and tested positive for the disease on August 14 - but has allegedly refused to self-isolate 

Police alleged they made contact with him through a third party and thought they had negotiated a deal to bring him in off the streets, The Daily Telegraph reported.

But they claim the deal fell through, which sparked a renewed manhunt for him. 

The situation was considered so serious that police used Section 62 of the Public Health Act for the first time to name and identify Karam to help in the search.  

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